Judge Not

The Church has gone to the wolves.

  • The blasphemously named “Holy Ghost Bartender” encourages people to get “drunk in the Spirit” and fall down laughing maniacally.
  • A megachurch youth pastor puts peanut butter in his armpits and has his youth group lick it out.
  • In an effort to encourage his flock to have sex every day for a month, a celebrity pastor spends twenty-four hours in a bed, with his wife, on the roof of the church.

That is just the tip of the Evangelicalism insanity iceberg. A famine of biblical discernment has led to skinny sheep, fat goats, and a compromised Christian witness.

In Judge Not, Todd Friel dares to violate Evangelicalism’s First Commandment: “Thou shalt not judge.”

Friel satirically and painfully exposes some of the rot in the underbelly of the contemporary church, and points to a solution to help rescue the church, save souls, and glorify God.

It is time to act, before all of our children are consuming peanut butter a la armpit.