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What would you think if you read any of these headlines:

  • “Ben and Jerry Forget How to Make Ice Cream”
  • “Ford Can’t Figure Out How to Make a Car”
  • “Hospitals Forget How to Heal Sick People”

You would rightly conclude that something is profoundly wrong, and yet, it would not be unreasonable to write this headline:
               “Christian Churches Can’t Seem to Articulate the Gospel”

That should shock us to the core. Somehow the Evangelical Church has turned the glorious gospel into:

  • A life enhancement program
  • A system to clean up the outside of the cup
  • A health and wealth promise

The gospel is none of those things. The gospel is far more magnificent.

Gospel Clarity seeks to reclaim the staggeringly glorious message of the gospel. Prepare to learn the true great news of the gospel for the first time, or be refreshed and reminded that the gospel is the power of God unto salvation.

Includes 13 short video presentations and PDF Study Guide & Teacher’s Manual.


Video Sample:

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