Don't Stub Your Toe

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Available singly or in 12 or 52 packs.


The Easy Way to Share the Gospel

Evangelism is scary.  Even Paul came to the Corinthians with fear and trembling.  Paul also asked for prayer that he might have the courage to speak as he ought.  Paul should have ordered “Don’t Stub Your Toe.”  

It is a piece of cake to share the Gospel with “Don’t Stub Your Toe.”  Simply leave it on your restaurant table (with a good tip), or waiting reception, or any public place..  You can hand it to a drive thru attendant, or give it away as a follow up to your one-on-one evangelism.

“Don’t Stub Your Toe” is a thorough Law and Gospel presentation written in a very accessible and friendly manner.  You can read the entire booklet here.


The Big Toe Challenge

Make 2018 the year you share the Gospel.

Buy a bunch of Toes and simply leave them on the table when you leave the restaurant.

Hand them to the drive thru attendant and then hit the gas.

Get them in either 12 or 52 packs!

You can do this!

Resolve to make 2018 the year you participate in the Great Commission.


Read for yourself before you give it out: DOWNLOAD.

We encourage you to read the booklet here, and then order 12 or 52 copies to freely distribute to people you care about…before they stub their toes.